A joint lecture series and capstone seminar (Environmental Resilience: Water) taps into UVA’s expertise through the new pan-university Environmental Resilience Institute. Healthy and productive watersheds provide a range of ecosystem services to human communities including freshwater supply quantity and quality, flood protection, and terrestrial/aquatic habitat. While healthy watersheds are vital to society, they are increasingly threatened by a wide range of environmental issues such as over-development and wetland loss, pollution, climate change, and increased water demand. This lecture series and course emphasizes conceptual understanding of vulnerabilities, resilience, and solutions for water and watersheds. Speakers from across the university and external to UVA will be brought in weekly to present a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on the challenges and possible solutions for maintaining and enhancing the resilience of water and watersheds. The lecture is open to the University community.

Speaker Schedule

All members of the university community are welcome to attend each lecture (no registration required; space is available on a first come first serve basis). At the conclusion of each lecture, after guests depart, students enrolled in the course will remain for a class discussion as part of their class work.


Date Speaker Institute Topic
January 23rd Emily Bernhard Duke University Urban water, stream ecosystems & restoration
January 30th Jonathan Cannon University of Virginia Clean Water Act
February 6th Nancy Takahashi University of Virginia Winneba, Ghana Lagoon + City Project
February 13th Jim Smith & Courtney Hill University of Virginia Water and Health
February 20th Jill Baron USGS/Colorado State Alpine Lakes as Sentinels of Climate Change
February 27th Jeff McDonnell University of Saskatchewan Catchment water cycling: Green and Blue Water
March 6th Brian Richter Sustainable Waters Chasing Water in a Dynamically Changing World
March 13th Spring Break    
March 20th Leon Szeptycki Stanford University Water in the West
March 27th Garrick Louis University of Virginia Water and Development
April 3rd Peter Debaere University of Virginia Water Markets
April 10th Steve Running University of Montana

Global Drought

Climate Change

April 17th Jay Famiglietti

University of Saskatchewan

Global Water Security: Communicating about Water

This lecture series was part of ERI’s Water Futures Initiative.  The Water Futures Initiative is a pan-university initiative working on solutions to major socio-environmental challenges in water security. It is designed to achieve synthesis across disciplines and sectors in a problem-oriented framework.  Water Futures will link faculty and students at UVA with leading scholars and professionals working in other academic and non-academic institutions, drawing from different backgrounds and perspectives.  The goal of the Water Futures Initiative is to build strong, collaborative teams, centered at UVA, and primed to respond to major water resilience challenges and opportunities.

Wednesdays 2pm, 1003 McLeod

EVSC 4599-001: Environmental Resilience: Water (Class Number 20055)
Joint with EVHY 7599-001 (Class Number 19353)
Spring Semester 2019 2 Unit Seminar Course

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