About UVA's Environmental Institute

Research to Action

UVA Environmental Institute

Our Mission

The Institute supports interdisciplinary research and training that is both great and good at the intersection of environmental change and human well-being. The Environmental Institute (formerly the Environmental Resilience Institute or "ERI") connects faculty, students, and citizens to create solutions for a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable future.

The pace and extent of environmental change are now greater than any other time in human history, but a better future can be built through collaboration and innovation. 

UVA’s Environmental Institute links research to action to find solutions for climate and environmental resilience challenges.The Institute fosters collaboration, providing support for new projects as well as amplifying and connecting work conducted across Grounds. EI creates opportunities for the next generation of leaders to engage with some of the toughest environmental futures challenges through interdisciplinary research and practical experiences. UVA's Environmental Institute builds external partnerships to connect research and discovery with real world solutions.

The Environmental Institute does this by:

  • Investing in and facilitating interdisciplinary research, merging theories, methods, and data to develop novel frameworks and applications that are transformative and have societal impact.
  • Providing a hub of environmental resilience and climate change research at the University of Virginia.
  • Training the next generation of leaders in integrative research and how it can be used to implement solutions.
  • Cultivating external partnerships to translate research findings across UVA into policy and practice.