Professor of Ethics; Department Chair
Department of Religious Studies
University of Virginia


Values-Based Scenarios of Water Security: Rights to Water, Rights of Waters, and Commercial Water Rights
Soundscapes of Restoration Booklet


Keynote Address: The Sacred Anthropocene? Studying Religion in Climate Crisis
How Integrating Arts & Humanities Catalyzes New Research
Engaging Processes of Cultural Change in Transformational Adaptation
Panel: Worldbuilding & Repair, Climate Transformations
The Coastal Conservatory

The Environmental Institute is the hub of environmental resilience and sustainability research at the University of Virginia.

The Institute seeks to foster collaboration, providing support for new projects as well as amplifying and connecting the work of others across disciplines at UVA. Faculty from fields including but not limited to architecture, urban planning, engineering, environmental science, the humanities, data science, business, and law are involved in projects to create workable solutions for climate change and environmental resilience challenges.

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