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UVA’s Environmental Institute (EI) is the hub of environmental resilience and sustainability research at the University of Virginia. The Institute seeks to foster collaboration, providing support for new projects as well as amplifying and connecting the work of others across disciplines at UVA. Faculty from fields including but not limited to architecture, urban planning, engineering, environmental science, the humanities, data science, business, and law are involved in projects to create workable solutions for climate change and environmental resilience challenges.

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Abhijin Adiga

Research Assistant Professor
Biocomplexity Institute

Achilles Manuela

Department of European Studies

Adelaide King

Associate Professor of Commerce

Adrienne Ghaly

Assistant Professor
Department of English


Assistant Professor of Data Science, Systems Engineering, Computer Science

Ajay Limaye

Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences

Alan Bergland

Associate Professor
Department of Biology

Alayna Panzer

Project Manager

Alev Erisir

Department of Psychology

Ali Fard

Assistant Professor
Department of Urban and Environmental Planning

Alison Gocke

Associate Professor of Law

Amanda Gibson

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology

Amy Bouton

Professor of Microbiology
BIMS (Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program)

Amy Mathers

Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Department of Pathology

Andres Clarens

EI Associate Director; Professor
Environmental Institute
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrew Kahrl

Department of History
Department of Political & Social Thought