This special episode of Hoos in STEM replays a Story Collider event where the Institute's Director, Karen McGlathery, shared her personal story on being drawn to environmental science.

Back in April, UVA was excited to welcome the Story Collider team to Charlottesville for the second year running. During a special recording at Carr's Hill, four UVA STEM leaders told personal stories about their lives, their careers, and how personal stories and scientific inquiry intertwine.

In this episode of Story Collider, hear from UVA faculty members including the Environmental Institute's Director Karen McGlathery. McGlathery shares how she came to a career in environmental science, particularly on the coast. It involves a dear family member and a house on Nantucket.

The Story Collider's mission is to reveal the vibrant role that science plays in all of our lives through the art of personal storytelling.

Listen online here.